Thursday, November 12, 2009

Poor Neglected Blog

Oh dear! I never meant to leave you hanging this long. I so wanted this to be such a great post that I've shied away from my dear blog until I had time to do this right. Well, (head hung down) I am posting anyway with what I have. First things first. My 100th post giveaway... I had so wanted to put together such a delicious package and well, it hasn't happened yet. I have a few things put aside, but I've decided to delay the prize until it's so delicious you'll be drooling on your computer screens. (Well, at least really want to win!) I hope you aren't too disappointed. I am a little, but I'd rather do it right!

My sewing pile feels like a mile high and I don't even mind. At least I have a lot of variety to work with and won't be bored. I took some pictures of my works in progress to share.

My first crochet scarf on my favourite model.

payment for some amazing fabric... an apron
(this pattern is so cute, can't wait to see the finished product)

kimono pj's for Abigail (from Amy Butler's Little Stitches book)

Still to go: finish the above sewing projects, David's christmas housecoat, Abigail's christmas doll and chair re-con, diapers (this is never ending in Coralee's world), nightgown (for me) to match Abby's pjs and that's just the list of things I want to finish before Christmas. I've got a lot of work to do, but I love it!

In other news, we had an UP party for David's birthday and it was such fun! We showed the movie, ate food and even had a guest from the movie attend! (I forgot to get a picture!) Here's a picture of the little decoration we put together in honor of the day:

(it's the next day, so a little deflated)


patty-jean said...

What a delicious post! Thank-you - this was all lovely....don't I know about blog procrastination - I'm currantly in it!

Evelyn in Canada said...

You may not be blogging regularly, but you are sure using your time productively. I love the scarf. That's next on my "firsts" for crocheting too. Your model is even better than the scarf though!

I was a little panicked by uncoming Christmas, so I made three nightgowns and a robe in two days! Yvon is getting a robe too and it was so easy. I breathed a sigh of relief when my two days were over, knowing that I CAN be ready in time if I start now.

Evelyn in Canada said...

Oh, and aprons too! I can't believe how many things are on your list that are on mine. I have made two aprons already for the girls. Also on my list (is it on yours too?): mini wheat bags as hand warmers for in the vehicle or to slip into pockets for walks in the winter.