Saturday, November 21, 2009

Some sewing and some shoulder to shoulder time

Well, this week was a little slow on the productivity, but I've finished the apron (Butterick 4945 view D)

Also, David and I spent some time doing 300 piece puzzles on our date night last night. David's really good at puzzles, I'm not, but we enjoyed ourselves. Ladies, this is a great shoulder to shoulder thing to do with your spouse - just remember not to talk his ears off!

Lastly, I've finished another great scarf - pictures on my next post!


LLG said...

Puzzles are addicting! Allister loves to do them, he is good at them too, me not so much, but I try. They are fun to do though. Nice puzzles, and cute scarf and beret! That sucks about your credit card. The same thing happened to aunt teresa, at least you got it fixed! No snow here either..yay! trust me I am hoping it stays away as long as possible! Hope things are good with you guys! We are great here!

Shona Cole said...

love that apron, great color.

thanks for coming by my blog for the Dec 2 giveaway, hope you come back by soon.