Monday, April 29, 2013

Party Post Part Two

The surprise ball, the decor, the mix CD and the swag!

I love Pinterest! I have been collecting ideas for this party for sometime. I love decor items that have a large impact for little cost. I bought 2 rolls of wrapping paper and used what I had around the house, plus the few flowers from the dollar store. The paperwheel is a great trend right now. I love how this wall turned out. I think it will stay up for awhile. Grand total $3.

Tissue tassles are another cheap decor item and they look cute. I do wish I would have put in a bit of gold, though. Tutorial found here. Grand total $2.

The surprise ball I saw on the Design Mom blog and knew I wanted to do one. Super easy, super cute and fun. Simply using streamers, wrap items in layers until you have as many layers as you'd like.

As my guests responded that they were coming I asked them to give me a song that would be considered a favourite. I then made a mix CD for everyone to take home. I've been loving this. I have a happy emotional connection to this playlist on my computer and the CD copy in my car. Love these ladies!!!

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What did everyone bring as their favourites? (blue ones I received)

  1. Style at Home magazine
  2. mini glass spice containers
  3. an almost favourite spatula - we heard a great story with this one!
  4. makeup bag with lipgloss
  5. Rocky Mountain bar soap
  6. zipper pouch and pen
  7. nail polish and Bible verses
  8. body wash, nail file and photo fridge magnet
  9. glass bowls and lip balm
  10. lip gloss
  11. tomato plants
  12. spa items and tea
  13. apricot scrub, flower seeds and tea
*sigh* It was great and I'm sad it's over. Oh well, there's always next year's party to plan. *wink* *wink*

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Jenni said...

It was seriously one of my "favourite" parties I've been to! SO much fun! Way to go, Coralee, for putting it all on! xo