Friday, April 26, 2013

Party Post (part one) & An Announcement

Well, the party was a success. I think everyone had a good time and we all went away with lots of laughter, full tummies and great swag! Have you heard of a Favourite Things Exchange Party? Well, as soon as I read about it, I knew I had to throw one! It's been in my head for at least half a year and I finally had an "excuse" to throw one. Here's my invitation:

The Basic idea, everyone brings four of the same item (a favourite) and goes home with four different items from the other guests. The items varied from beauty products to kitchen ware, to magazines and even tomato plants.

the SWAG!

I knew that I wanted to make an item, so I sewed little zipper pouches and included my favourite pen inside. Tutorial/pattern here.

Vision Elite by Uni-ball

This represented several favourites for me

  1. sewing
  2. bags/purses
  3. learning new crafty things (I learned how to paper piece)
  4. mix tapes from my childhood - who doesn't love a good music mix?
Thanks, L, for the inspiration! Your zipper pouch is coming in the mail.

Laralee's zipper pouch

I also have one to giveaway. (Sorry, pen not included) Just leave a comment and in a week, I'll use the good ole random number generator to pick a winner.


I should have taken a picture of the food. I asked everyone to bring a favourite snack/beverage etc. There was Soooooo much yummy food! I served Tazo Chai Lattes and Lay's Sea Salt and Pepper chips. 

Tazo Chai latte syrup purchased at WalMart
The ladies also surprised me with cake and ice cream. I specifically didn't put on the invitation that it was a birthday party. I didn't want anyone to feel like they needed to bring a gift or anything beyond their favourites... sneaky ladies, I had a lot of lovely gifts. Thanks, friends!!!!

We played a little game to begin the evening, and I was beginning to think we'd never get to the food or favourite items. There was great conversation over our favourite things. Everyone "won" a prize. I made a surprise ball and everyone passed it around until all the layers were revealed. A surprise ball is basically a streamer layered ball with goodies hidden in it. Each person unwraps the ball until they find a surprise and then it gets passed on. Nothing spectacular, just little novelties. 

Party Post Part Two will include details on the surprise ball, the party decor and the mix CD, but I want to share an announcement before this blog post gets too carried away....

Twila Mae Photography - yes this is from when we expecting Micah, but it's fun!
We are pregnant again! We're due Dec 31st and super thrilled.


Laralee Graham said...

Thanks for the zipper pouch! I am super excited to get it. Glad I could inspire such a fun party!! Congrats on the new little one!! You guys will be busy ;)

Carla said...

Well, Brynne came home very excited yesterday as Mr. Gingras had shared some very exciting news with her class!!! She was so happy and we are thrilled for you!

I really really like the idea of a favourite things party. I've never heard of this before. Sounds like a lot of fun!

Kristin Hankins said...

Congratulations!! The zipper pouches are really cute and a very good idea! I like the throwback mix tapes! :)

Husband David said...

I want in.

Elise Roller said...

I'm leaving this comment because that mix tape zipper pouch is just way too adorbs and I HAVE to have it! Haha! Also have been to a favourite things party here and it was so much fun!

Elizabeth said...

Love your blogs!! Congrats on the news. :D