Saturday, July 21, 2012

Summer List Check-in #3

Here's a shot of all three of our littles crammed into the back of our car. We're thankful we can all fit, but will be glad to move into a van.

What a summer it's been so far! I can hardly believe how fast it's going. We have been having family adventures, but not necessarily working on the summer list. Here's what we've hit since our last check-in:

  • 5 Winnipeg Landmarks: the landmark we chose was a return visit to the oldest tree in Winnipeg. It was a crazy hot day, but in the shade of the tree and with the breeze off the river it was a nice place to go. We stopped a couple of ladies who were walking their dog to take a picture of us after we had taken a self-timer shot. Both turned out quite nicely. The littles then ran around for awhile until...
as always, click to enlarge

  • Surprise ice cream runs: an ice cream truck happened to come down the street. Yum!

  • Craft time: this was supposed to be a family craft time, but I snuck in my own craft time. I made myself a jewelry holder. I've been waiting to find a specific frame at a thrift store, but decided to make do with what I had. It will work for now. I am pleased with how it turned out, though the frame still needs painting.

This is a bracelet holder that I made forever ago and never showed. It's an old oil reed infuser glued to a candle holder. It works great!

Remember these signs? Well, I turned ours into a key hanger. Easy fix, just add hooks underneath and add extra hanger to the back - if you hang it from the one in the middle, the weight of the keys tip it.

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Donna Dawe said...

Really love those bracelets and what a great idea for the key holder. Way to re-purpose.