Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pre Road Trip Check-in

Lists are made, laundry is caught up, toenails are painted, my house is a disaster and that means we are going on a trip!

  • We leave after breakfast in two days and I decided that I "needed" to sew today. I was planning what my boys are going to wear to the wedding and thought they needed ties. I quickly found this tutorial, thanks to Pinterest. I decided to cut down the size a bit for Micah and I think they're adorable. Of course, I think it's this little model that clinches it for me.

  • I usually sew myself a bag when I go away, but I don't really need a new bag. I do however need a jewelry case, so another Pinterest save (tutorial here)...

  • I also whipped up a new coffee cozy (no picture). 
  • As you can tell, it was all extremely necessary *wink*


Jen said...

Perhaps not "necessary" but good for the soul none the less. :) Have a great holiday!

LLG said...

Cute ties and jewelery bag! I love them. Again, why don't you have a cute jewelry/bag/clothing shop?

Donna Dawe said...

Okay the ties, so cute & your photos of your little man are more cute! He looks so grown up.