Thursday, February 23, 2012


Our church's ladies retreat is coming quickly and I'm very excited about it! Some of us ladies are hosting a fundraiser on March 11. It's primarily a bake sale, but since I don't really bake, I'm contributing handmade goods. I figured a great item to focus on is the notebook covers that I've made in the past. They're a great little thing for note taking and not too difficult to put together. I am hoping to have 8-10 made for the sale on the 11th. Here's the first few I've made:

 this one I sold to our ladies ministry leader - I will be making more as it got a great response when I showed it to the committee.

I am loving this one! Inspired by a button art I saw on Pinterest and adapted for this. I think it's sweet. I will be making more like this one, maybe in different colours.

Each notebook cover will have a notebook included and priced at $15. Here's hoping that they're a hit!
Oh, and here's the flyer I designed to advertise:

(as always, click to enlarge)

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Patty-Jean from LittleQuiver said...

Beautiful Coralee! These are lovely and will indeed be a hit! Looking forward to sharing the table with you sweetie!