Monday, February 13, 2012

Checkin' In

Happy (almost) Valentine's Day. David and I have the pleasure of having a sitter for Friday and so, we'll postpone our celebration until then. I am really looking forward to a date with my Love! Let's get to our list for today...

  • We finally celebrated Abby's birthday. We made rainbow cupcakes

(inspired from Pinterest)...

  • and a rainbow balloon banner

(inspired by Design Mom, tutorial here)

  • Abby and I made some Valentine art

 (also inspired from Pinterest no specific link to show you, there's lots)
  • There's been some great Valentine clothing online, too. I had to do these for the littles. Abby's dress tutorial found here. Inspiration for Malachi's shirt found here.

  • I have a problem of putting tiny little holes in the bottom of my t-shirts, this was cleverly disguised with reverse applique hearts - pretty appropriate for a maternity Valentines shirt. Sorry, not modelled for you, perhaps after I get a haircut and some pants that fit me properly. Grrr! Why do all maternity stores assume that all pregnant women are the same shape and size?!

  • I've enjoyed some creative time this week. It felt good to be sewing again, though I do find it a challenge to be interrupted constantly by my children. I am task oriented and would like to start and finish a task without interruptions, but I am learning to accept this for now. It's part of being a mom.
  • My David told me this week he has already made reservations for our anniversary date in August. I am so impressed by how much thought he's already put into this special occassion. I can't wait to try out this restaurant!
  • We are slowly settling in. This week's goal, to get our children in separate bedrooms. Malachi still gets up in the night and it's time for some sleep training. I would also like to get some pictures up on the walls. Abby has stopped asking when we're moving into our new home, so I guess that's a good sign.
  • I have some green shoots from my Hyacinth bulbs! Hopefully, we'll see flowers before the end of the month. 

  • Abby and I had some good fights last week and I realized that we need to go on a TV/movie fast. Abby hasn't watched anything for 6 days and I've already noticed that she is beginning to listen better and play better again. It's also helped my mama guilt level go down. *sigh* Maybe I'll get this parenting thing figured out yet. 
  • Well, I have "Mt. Washmore"(party dishes) to take care of in the kitchen. Better get to it.


LLG said...

Cute outfits and I LOVE the decorations. Glad to hear the move went well and Abby had a great birthday party!

Patty-Jean from LittleQuiver said...

Oh Coralee, and you said you didn't bake -- these are beautiful!

I understand the tv thing - you sound so much like me...Selah watched more tv than any of my kids did and by the time she was 2.5 I started to see the corralation between her behavior and tv...we cut out, cold turkey, and saw immediate improvement. It's been said that tv is a babysitter...and a BAD babysitter it is.
We still have family movie times, or daddy+show time.