Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer List Check-In #2

  •  Explore Assiniboine Park (we've done a large portion of this and will be doing a Winnipeg review on our experience)

(in the English Garden)

(Inside the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden-funny, we didn't get a picture with a sculpture)

  • Play dough sculpting (I also made my own using this recipe, though I may try a different one next time as I found it grainy and only lasted one sitting before it started falling apart)

Abby and I also pulled out a miniature tea set that Grandma Ang sent her ages ago. They're ceramic and special and are only for her (she doesn't have to share them with Malachi, which is a huge thing right now).

 (her guests, Mr. Giraffe)
(and Mr. Bug)

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patty-jean said...

I absolutely LOVE tea toys!!! We have an odd sort of mismatched collection of real ceramic tea dishes - they are kept in nice boxes up high, and pulled out for those rainy days!

Looks like Abby is having some GOOD Homemade fun - what a Great Mama!