Saturday, July 16, 2011

In Wire

I had another "bee in my bonnet" moments with a project that I was just itching to do. I went to the local dollar store (it's not really a dollar store, but one of those under $10 stores, but it's closing and everything is half price). I picked up florist stem wire - I think it's about 18 gauge wire and had some fun bending it into this:

(click to enlarge)

It might be a little bit girly looking, which is why it's hanging in my corner (above the kitchen/dining room door) and not in a more obvious location, we'll see what David says. I'm not sure I could manage to bend the wire into something less curly. Of course the placement of the flowers probably doesn't help, but I couldn't resist. The first letter 'g' is wrapped in fabric, which is inspired by this post here, found on pinterest, but I left the rest bare and I think I like it better.


Jen said...

Very cool idea!

Jenni said...

Definitely like the letters Coralee! Too cute! :)