Monday, July 18, 2011

"Pink's" Make-over at 531

Abigail got a little pink stroller from Grandma and Grandpa at Christmas time. She was so excited when she saw it that all she could say was "it's a, a, PINK!" Well, pink had seen better days and today, Abby asked me to fix it and it was beyond fixing. (Usually her idea of fixing it, is just putting the seat on. The ribbon that held the back on, came off.) I decided with a bit of stitch ripping and pattern tracing, I could replace the seat. And so I did.

Something else that's been needing attention for ever so long... in fact, since we've moved here in December of 2007. Our apartment door number has been missing the "3" this whole time. Our number is 531 and so it's been 5 1 for some time. About 6 months ago, I added a paper 3 though I never intended for it to stay there this long. I had such a fun time bending wire that I decided I would bend a couple of numbers, too. Then I mounted them on a blank ($ store) canvas and hung it with ribbon. Viola! We finally have 531 on our door.


patty-jean said...

You really need to start a sewing class!!!!!

Jenni said...

I agree PJ! ... sewing/everything cool class :) I'm in!