Friday, July 23, 2010

The Yummy Smell in My Tea Cupboard

I don't often drink hot tea in the summer, especially this year. This baby is making me hot enough without adding hot liquid to the mix. Because of this lack of tea drinking, I haven't opened my tea cupboard a whole lot. The other day, I did and was greeted by such a wonderful smell. I have a lot of tea, so I know it wasn't any one tea in particular, but the mixture of all the spices smells soooo good.
(just a note about this collection: there are boxes, bags and tins stacked 4 deep, there is tea from several countries and we've been working on this collection for almost 6 years)

Some of you may remember my little tea cart that I had my teas piled onto...

Well, with the introduction of a toddler, I had to move all those tempting pretty boxes into a closed cupboard. I miss having them out to see and for ease of choice, but hope to someday employ a lovely kitchen hutch to make a whole hot beverage centre.

(something along this line would be super!)

Of course, I hope to include a capaccino machine someday - though it's mostly for the steam wand feature. Why oh, why won't anyone make a steam wand separately?! Well, anyway.... someday. 

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patty-jean said...

I love your tea stash.
And yes that would be a fantastic cupbourd - I actually saw something very similar recently in an abandonded house. We were looking at a property, and house that had been labled "quick flip/starter" out in the country. When we arrived (the real estate agent was not going to be there). The door was OPEN, and this 400sq ft house was NOT a starter NOR an easy flip - it was filled with antiques and looked as though someone had died/left and never returned some 30-40 years ago. what a shame to leave all the beauties there - but then I would not want to steal....long story - guess I should have saved it for a blog post....:)