Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Summer Pick-Me-Up Gift

My darling husband ordered me some beautiful flowers. He ordered them before we were broke so that they would arrive in the middle of a "dry spell" and the timing couldn't have been better!

(the vase is from our wedding 6 years ago on the 14th of August)

This week has been trying for me, emotionally. The heat alone has been enough to drive me round the bend, but this also happens to be my darling daughter's time of testing boundaries. We've had a few battles and yesterday I'd witnessed her most severe fit... in a public place, of course. After getting everything under control, I had a cool shower and a hot cry. My David reassured me that I wasn't a bad mom and that this is a normal stage of development. He's great at talking me down "off the ceiling". Anyway, his beautiful flowers arrived today amidst the 28 degree weather (which, by the way, is a cooler day)

and they smell delightful! The colors are amazing and I am so blessed!


patty-jean said...

oh lovely - and sweet Abi smelling the flowers! what a treat!
sorry we will miss you this wknd - if there comes another chance this summer - let us know!

Tania said...

Isn't this age incredibly trying! Kelton isn't even two yet and he's already a terrible two. Some days I just want to scream as we battle it out, but then a good day comes and the sweet smiles and I seem to forget about the bad. I just keep telling myself "this isn't forever, it will pass" Keep your head up, you are doing good and you are amazing mommy :D