Monday, July 5, 2010

I've Missed You

Well, Hello! It feels like it's been forever! Well, I haven't dropped off the face of the planet or anything like that. It is summer and I am pregnant (5 months now) and heat and I don't mix well. Not to mention that I've had David home since the beginning of May and we've been taking every advantage of having family time! I have missed my little blog and my sewing machine (I haven't done any sewing in months and I'm finally feeling like it might be time to get back at it).

What have I been doing? Well, today I want to tell you about a mini date that David and I went on last month. We had a couple of extra hours with our sitter and decided that we would go and look at the Star Show Homes. For a bit of background. Growing up I lived in several trailers. I have fond memories of those homes and I think they're great for young families. Having said all that, have you looked at RTMs lately?! RTM (Ready to move) homes - the new version of trailers have come a long way. I am in some serious house envy here and this one, especially, has whet my appetite for some serious nesting!
The Camara

Now, buying a RTM is not the cheapest way to go. Discussing the pros and cons, we think it might be more economical in the long run to go this way than buy a 50 year old starter home and have reno issues within the first five years. That's just our opinion. Land is not especially cheap to buy either, but I figure if I am going to dream, then I may as well dream big. Now some of you may chuckle at the thought of buying a trailer as a big dream, but for a young family who's been apartment dwelling for quite some time... trust me, it's big!

David and I had a great time touring the show homes and browsing the website, but mostly just dreaming. What are you dreaming about this summer?

P.S. Welcome to my friend, Donna to the blog community! Glad to have you join us.

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Evelyn in Canada said...

Dreaming about a new home is always fun. I have a list of cheap things to do this summer and viewing showhomes is on the short list. The girls like to do it with me. Although I love looking, I truly can't ever imagine myself in those homes. I may have lowered my standards to suit our means, or I truly love older homes better. My '59 kitchen is more suited to me than marble or granite counters (although I still lust after a larger pantry). With a larger family in sight, your needs are still changing. Hopefully you'll get your dream home one day.