Friday, February 12, 2010

My Encounter Bag

Are there any other artists who decide the day before an event that they need a new [insert handmade item here]? This has happened to me several times. It's been jewelry several times (in fact I made a necklace in the car on the way to an event once). Bags and purses are the other thing I make on a sudden urge. So, Thursday evening, I decided that I needed a new bag to take on my Encounter weekend. I cut out the fabric (thankfully the pattern pieces were already cut out) and on Friday, in between Abigail's naps etc, I made this lovely bag.

The front and back are the same, so I put some of my Emily Martin buttons on one side to differentiate between the front and back. I like to know which is which for fast item recovery when I reach inside.

The pattern has four pockets on the inside. I think that this is too much pocket for this bag - if I make it again I will eliminate the two from the middle section. I might insert a zipper pocket instead - these are always nice inside a bag! This bag has already seen much use and as you can see is quite a mess right now. 

Oh, this is Simplicity 2551 view A. Instead of pre-quilted fabric, I used interfacing on most pieces.

Here's a close up of those lovely buttons. 

For any of you who might be curious, Abigail and I did just fine away from each other on our first weekend apart. She is fully weaned and it only took 2 weeks! I am proud of the way she handled herself and myself for not giving in to her cuteness! Abby started walking the week after her birthday, too and she's been super fun in her little discoveries. She is now feeding herself quite a bit and is so proud of herself. With some of her birthday money, we picked up this video - a great video and we've put it to good use already.

yummy noodles followed by yummy yogurt!

Kisses for the baby in the mirror - mwah!

The Encounter weekend was amazing, too, by the way. It was definitely worth the fight to get there!


A&C&E said...

awwww great bag and a wonderful little princess!!

Evelyn in Canada said...

Great bag! You'll get a lot of use out of that.

And I'm so glad you mentioned the yoghurt because I totally forgot about the yoghurt I was making in my oven! It's been setting for 24 full hours and turned out great. I don't know when I would have next thought about it without you! :-)