Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Birthday Decorations Part 1

The largest pieces of party decor were also the most talked about at the party. That would be the tissue paper pom poms. I've seen these sprinkled across blogland and knew I wanted to give it a go. I went to the dollar store and bought 5 packages of tissue paper and armed with this tutorial I was ready. I should mention that I didn't bother taking out 2 pieces of tissue paper from each package, I just made it with all 10 sheets. They look nice and full!

The first one, I was careful to make crisp creases in the accordion folds and proceeded to tear the whole thing quite nicely. I wasn't too discouraged, I just needed to work out a strategy. Pom pom two turned out better (I didn't press my creases at all), though I tied it lopsided. I knew I had it then and with patience and a few more packages I got it!

These are fairly minimum in effort and maximum in impact... my favourite kind of decoration!

I had one guest ask (for her daughter) if I would make them for her wedding when she gets married!

Next came Abigail's heirloom bunting or pennant banner or whatever you call it. I've been wanting to make one of these for Abby's bedroom and her party was great motivation to get it done.

I didn't use a tutorial, just made it in the way it seemed logical. The triangles are a mixture of vintage embroidered table cloths and pillow cases as well as few pretty flowered pieces of fabric that matched. The ribbon is handmade 'bias' tape (though not cut on the bias) with crochet trim all along. I called my mom to make sure that I got the credits correct. 

These were embroidered by my great great Grandma Martin, she also made all the crochet trim.

These were embroidered by my great great Granny Evans.

These were embroidered by my mom.

When talking about the decorations David said about this banner "this is the one I'm most proud of!" Isn't that sweet? I love that I can have these priceless pieces to pass on to Abigail!


Evelyn in Canada said...

That vintage bunting is awesome. You'll have to embroider a triangle yourself and add it to the bunting when you have time. Just to finish off the generations of crafters represented.

patty-jean said...

I adore your celebration decor! WOW! love love that banner - what a great idea for vintage linens - holiday, reusable banners have definitly been on my 'to make' list.