Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Birthday Decorations Part 2

There were many spur of the moment crafts involved in Abigail's party decor. Things I stumbled across in blogland and thought "I have the supplies to make that!" So I did! The first spur of the moment item is the "the Easiest Heart Garland. Evar" from Rae. Another minimum effort maximum impact kind of craft. I cut out the felt hearts while talking on the telephone (sidebar... if you don't have a headset for your phone, go to Best Buy or whatever electronic store you shop at and get one. They are so great for social multi-tasking! Seriously - go!). It took maybe 10 minutes to sew it up and it was done. I love it so much that I ended buying more felt to make another one. I had used up almost all my stash (though I skipped some colors that I didn't want to include).

(Mom, there's her mirror on the door)

It really is easy! You could cut out other shapes to make it appropriate for other occasions... stars, ufo's, circles etc. I'm always on the lookout for future boy party ideas, too.

Another spur of the moment craft was out of necessity. I had plans to make these candy cane hearts to top the cupcakes. I bought a big box of candy canes and when I finally opened them I realized that they were red, white and green! Yuck - not the look I wanted at all. They were lopsided too and wouldn't even work if I could live with the green. So, I had to come up with something else to decorate the cupcakes with and it had to be something I had supplies for already. First I thought I could stick in the top of each cupcake one of those little drink umbrellas, I have a package somewhere. Of course, where they are no one can tell. That won't do, how about pinwheels? Yes! That would work and I have paper and brads and a glue gun, plus the lollypop sticks that I had bought for the candy cane hearts. Two nights before the party I started cutting out squares and making pinwheels. The only disappointment (for a couple of guests) was that the pinwheels didn't spin. I didn't care - they looked cute!

(click on image to enlarge)

Abigail didn't care that they didn't spin either!


Evelyn in Canada said...

That's a beautifully decorated room. What a lot of work, but with Valentine's Day happening every year, you'll have plenty of uses for the lovely garland. I've always loved those, but not taken the time to make one yet.

patty-jean said...

Oh the LOVELYNESS! what a wonderful Mama you are to Abi and your family...creating such a lovely occasion - sad am i to have missed it.