Thursday, October 8, 2009

Angry Turtleneck Re-con

Here's a great project. Minimum input - maximum results. I didn't take a before picture as I'm not all that confident with clothing projects and don't often expect them to turn out. This top used to be a tired turtleneck. We could call it an angry turtleneck and now it's a happy shrug. (My dad calls these tops shrunks - because they look like they've shrunk in the wash). I used this t-shirt re-con tutorial with 2 minor adjustments. I cropped my long sleeves to 3/4 length and I put some zig zag stitching through the ends where the ribbon comes out of the casing (once i determined how gathered I wanted it). The tutorial suggests pinning the ribbon and the stitches keep it snug without needing pins. I will definitely be trying this again.

Excuse the poor self portraits. I'm sure you get the idea.


mo said...

Great idea! And those tiny shoes on your last post are so sweet! Thanks for the nice comment on may fabric!

LLG said...

Super cute! You should be more confident in clothing projects, you are very talented! I hear a business calling your name!!

Evelyn in Canada said...

That's awesome. I would not have guessed that's the shape it would end up being once pulling the ribbon through.

I think I'll be making myself one of those. I need more cozy clothes now that winter is here.