Sunday, June 29, 2014

It's Summer Break!!!!

We are all pretty excited to be on summer break. Eight weeks of summer family time, who wouldn't be? If you follow me on Facebook then you've already seen these, pictures, but they are too funny not to share with those of you don't.

Abigail's last day of pre~school was on Thursday. I asked David to snap a few pictures of her on the front step to compare with her first day. Here she is posing on her first day back in September.

David didn't prompt her, this was just her doing what she does. I think I suggested what she could wear and I knew she would get her school uniform shirt that day. Cute right?

Here's Abby on her last day.

There is so much going on here that I want to remember. Let's talk about her outfit first. Abigail gets to choose (within guidelines) what she wears. Her school only required the pre-school students to wear a uniform shirt (the blue one). We require her to wear leggings or shorts if she wants to wear a skirt to school.  What you can't see is that she is wearing black leggings that are tucked into her socks under a grey skirt that is under her rainbow skirt. The grey skirt has carefully been tucked under her rainbow skirt except for a "tail" piece in the back which was equally carefully pulled out to be on top of her rainbow skirt. Next she is wearing a long sleeved blue shirt under her school t-shirt and topped off with her jacket. It was 30 degrees centigrade that day. The poor thing must have been cooking!

Abby grew considerably since September. I mean she looked so tiny and now she looks ready to conquer kindergarten next year. By the way on her last day she said to me "I wish it were fall!" Heaven help us. I told her not to wish away my summer.

I love that Abby marches to her own drum. She is a bit of a contradiction though. As she meticulously prepares how she looks, she worries that someone will laugh at her. How sad that she has already become self conscious? I tell her it doesn't matter what she wears or how she does her hair, she'll always be beautiful. I pray she believes me. I don't think I truly believed that when my mom said it. It's the thing for a mom to say, though, and I will say it as often as it takes! Abby will be required to wear full uniform next year, so I'll miss the colourful creative style, though she will have after school and weekends to express herself. Don't get me wrong, I am not anti-uniform. In actual fact, I love uniforms and I'm glad that she will wear one. 

We loved Abby's teachers this year. Her teacher is my friend and has blessed us so much with her love and support on some quite challenging days this year. Her teacher's assistant will sadly not be there next year, but we were equally blessed by her. I can't say enough good things about these ladies. This year was the pilot year of preschool at The King's School and they did amazing! 

I can't leave out the other half of year end pictures. We were so tickled by Abby's posing on her last day pictures that I asked David to humour me with a few of him. In true David style, he wouldn't be outdone by his girl.

A few mildly funny poses in honour of Abby, then the hilarious t-rex edition....

Oh how I love this man!!!!

We celebrated on Friday after David got home with rainbow cupcakes. Abby and I baked them and then we all sat down to decorate and eat them. Malachi in the middle of eating his said "This is an amazing day!"

Aren't those colours super fun!?

This picture is not touched up or has a filter added, they really are that colour!

We used Clubhouse neon food colouring. It was all the store had in stock and I wouldn't have chosen them, but I'm so glad we tried them, because they turned out so fun!

Micah didn't really decorate his, but he ate it quite happily

"Mmmm! May I have some more?"

It was a good celebration and we have so much more yet to celebrate! It's going to be a great summer!

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