Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Snowman Kits

Have you seen snowman kits? I've been itching for an excuse to make some and when I got to do the welcome gifts for family retreat, it seemed like the perfect idea. I scoured Pinterest for ideas and basically followed this tutorial. David helped me with the math again, so that I purchased only the fabric needed.

Since I needed to make 12 and I was working in a budget, I looked for the least inexpensive way to make them.

I glued pom~poms onto small craft sticks for eyes, mouth and buttons and painted wooden pegs orange for the "carrot" nose.

I sewed felt top hats...too cute and a desired item for mat hat~loving boy.

I whipped up some tags, though I would maybe use them better next time to show what the kit included (in case there was question as to what each item was for).

 This was such a fun project, though next time I would work out a few minor changes.

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Jenni Kroeker said...

These are great! Our kids have not been able to make a snowman yet because of the cold non-sticky snow, but they have a "snow-blob" and they've put the items on it. The scarf doesn't go all the way around the "blob" but it's Super cute! Thanks so much!!