Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Catching Up

I was looking through some pictures on my computer and realized that I hadn't shared a few things, so we'll call this a catch up post and then I'll share some of my latest news in another post.

  • I showed you a project in progress awhile back, but never showed you the finished project. Malachi turned three in November and received a super hero doll with a matching cape, super hero cuffs and mask. He was super thrilled and the cape continues to be one of his favourites. I designed my own pattern for the doll with tips I'd found online. My Micah might get one for his birthday in June...we'll see.

  •  I went to a Christmas party at the beginning of December and we had a gift exchange. I brought our home made vanilla coffee syrup. I bottled it in a Jones soda bottle and used some shrink wine toppers that David had left over from his wine making days. We were to bring two gifts, so I brought two and was happy to see that they were a desired gift and were "stolen" several times. I whipped up a label (re-worked last year's Christmas gift labels).

  • I also whipped up a small jar of sugar scrub for each lady. The peppermint smell in my kitchen was lovely.

  • I am so close to finishing a really big project...

I think I caught up the missed things, stay tuned for the latest ones.

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