Monday, January 14, 2013

FLORAbella Bag

It all started with Pinterest. I saw this post

and I knew that I really wanted to make one! I followed the link and found myself here. A blog in - I think- German. It's translated and I found the link to the site that sells the pattern. After much translating I realized that I could get my hands on an english e-book pattern and voila... it began.

I spent about an hour to two cutting and pasting the pattern pieces, adding seam allowances to the pattern and cutting it out again. Then I had to figure out how much yardage was required as the patten only told you what each piece measured.

I spent at least an hour at Fabricland choosing fabric. I am almost convinced to stop going there and just to purchase online. I LOVE choosing fabric online and I hate choosing it in person.

The pattern itself should really be called a tutorial (and honestly not the best tutorial) as the instructions are sparse. Thankfully anyone who has sewn as many bags as I have can figure it all out. In the end there would even be more steps that I would change or do differently if I make it again another time. For example, there are exposed seams inside. The only solution offered in the pattern was to serge the raw seams and/or cover them with bias tape. Not a great solution, but a solution. I left them serged.

I had to re-cut the flower on the front as the pocket didn't cover it properly and it was super tricky to work it out, but in the end, I see the flaws that most people won't.

Features I love about this bag... the flower edged pocket, the ribbon cinches on the sides and the straps. I used to hate sewing straps. I am learning to really enjoy a meticulously sewn strap. Crazy? Maybe, but it's true. It's nice and roomy and I finally have a zipper closed purse that is functional and cute.


Lisa said...

AH! I found you looking for this very pattern in English. I almost purchased it, but hearing about your problems I am glad I didn't. I HATE raw edges on the inside. I might just make up my own version myself. Yours turned out adorable!

Patty-Jean from LittleQuiver said...

So tell me, do you sew everyday? How many times a week would you say you sew, craft, or crochet?