Monday, January 7, 2013

Checking In 2013

Hello, January! Welcome, 2013. I am sure looking forward to a year full of new adventures. We do need to look back a bit to catch up, though.
  •  We have a shelf in our bedroom that I put a few things on, but hadn't really settled on what to use it for. I found my David styling it with significant things in our marriage. I LOVE this man!

  • We did make some handmade gifts that I love! David made and bottled coffee syrup. I made labels and we included bistro bottle pour spouts. We made almond and vanilla...yum! If you're not a coffee drinker, you can still use syrups for drinks like steamers or tea mistos (a London fog is a common misto). We used this recipe for the basic syrup and just changed the extract.

  • I made Abigail and Malachi giant reading pillows. They like to drag it around by the handle and stuff the pockets with treasures. They both got new books with their pillows for Christmas. Tutorial here.

  • I whipped up some mulling spice packets for my girlfriends at my Ladies group. I had shared this crock pot punch as one of our family favourite recipes at Christmas and then gave the recipe with the spice packet. We love brewing this over the holidays.

  • I also made obi style hot/cold wraps, but forgot to take pictures. I made them two for friends, but I'm sure I'll be making myself one at some point. They look something like this.
  • My David hunted long and high for the perfect snow globe for me for Christmas and he NAILED it! Love this. It's a simple Christmas tree in silver on a pedestal with a light and a fan that blows the snow inside. It's so beautiful. Truth be told, i am a picky snow globe person and he totally got it! This picture doesn't do it justice.

  • New fabric! New project in progress... any guesses? 

  • Road test tomorrow...finally! I am excited and nervous, but as my friend said yesterday, the worst that could happen is I fail. If that happens you try again. I am looking forward to little things like taking my littles one on one for dates and sneaking out for little Mama breaks.
  • We got a new camera for Christmas... thanks to our family for the Christmas money. I am still learning it, but you can see it here.
  • Micah was sick over Christmas and quit the soother. This is new ground for me. Learning.
  • We cut down our Christmas card list. Postage is brutal! Sorry, if you didn't make the cut, it's not because we don't love you. You can print it out if you like. I got the inspiration here.

  • Oh, and here's our return address label. Actual address not included. I like the maple leaf, not that that is a surprise.

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Evelyn in Canada said...

Thanks for keeping in touch! You've been so busy with homemade gifts that I feel like I slacked off a bit this year. Good work! Enjoy the new camera - you'll have lots of use for it, I'm sure.

(After two months, I finally posted again too!)