Friday, September 28, 2012

Checking In

It's been a bit of an overwhelming week for me, but I am loving the fall and I get to see my Mama and Daddy tomorrow!!!! Let's do a quick check in, shall we?

  • Here's the view outside my kitchen window. This is our first fall in our house and I love being surrounded by trees and watching them change colours.

  • Last weekend we took a nice drive out to Lockport. We stopped at the Captain Kennedy House (didn't go for tea as we decided to save that for a date adventure instead of a family adventure) and walked around the gardens there. They are beautiful.

  • My David bought me a whole wack of jars for our tea collection. I love the result. I'll show you more pictures and tell you all the details soon.

  • One of my personal challenges in motherhood is teaching my children how to help and then letting them. This takes way more time and isn't exactly helpful... yet. I keep working at it, after all aren't we all works in progress? I stopped in the midst of the helping one day to take this picture. As I learn and grow in my role as a mother, I'll learn to appreciate this more.

  • After showing you my latest wallets, a friend commented on facebook that she loved the wallet that I had made for her, too. I didn't even remember making her one at first. I thought it would be a fun trip down my sewing memory lane and show you the wallets I've made. I don't think they are all here, but this is a good representation. 
I sewed this style many times, but was never quite happy with  how insecure the cards felt.

I switched to clutch wallets and though I am still tweaking little things, I'm much happier with these.
  • In case you're wondering, my David is loving his new job. We as a family are especially loving having him home at the same time everyday (well, except for the monthly staff meeting), and every weekend off together.
  • Here's a typically conversation with my Dolly these days:
Dolly: Why don't you like Wow Wow Wubzie? (a really stupid tv show)
Me: Well, it's just a little sillier than I like.
Dolly: Well, you need to get $8 and get a van and drive far far away and go tell Wow Wow Wubzie, "stop being so silly".

  • Check out these cool gourds that David bought for me to decorate our fall table with. 

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Patty-Jean from LittleQuiver said...

Oh my dear friend, Coralee! Thank-you for your kind words!

I love the picture of the children helping you! I believe in this with all my heart and it is still a struggle day to day. I think when we constantly tell our children to go play and then when they are "old enough", we want them to work beside doesn't make sense....we and our children are creatures of habit.

Hope your time with your parents was good - chat soon!