Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Baby's Build-a-bear

As promised, here are the build-a-bear friends that my littles were blessed with. Micah's bear, Mister, was a gift from Auntie Cake (Kate). I love his little baby face and think he's perfect for a baby gift.

Malachi's monkey, Ooo Ooo, was a gift from Grandma Ang. Malachi named him Ooo Ooo, and still calls him that.

Both boys sleep with their friends, every night. Here's Abby with her Betty Bunny, a gift from Grandma when Abby was a baby.


Amanda L. said...

Love it. Eli loves his build a bear friend "kitty". Im sure they will love on them for many years to come.

Anonymous said...

My daughter Elise loves her Build-A-Bear "Cuddles". Loves her so much that we had her sterilized so that the bear could go into isolation with Elise when she had her stem cell transplant.
- Laurie

baby gifts said...

I love those bears, it is so cute.