Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Quick Check In

So, since my last post our computer died. In our family this feels like quite a crisis. I have made several commitments to the women's ministry team of our church that requires a computer and I felt like my left arm fell off. All that to say that we have replaced our 6 year old iMac with a new one. It's beautiful and works wonderfully and I'm so grateful. I have a bit of show-n-tell for today, so let's get to it.

  • Before we left on our trip to Alberta I decided that Abigail needed her own bag. Mostly to carry her own stuff. I feel like such a pack rat some days and it's time for her to carry her own stuff. Abby was quite enamoured with Bambi at the time, so I decided to try a new-to-me technique: reverse appliqué. I loved the results. I, unfortunately, have to replace the lining - it has torn and continues to tear *sigh*. A project to do after we move.

  • 11 days until we move. No, we haven't started to pack yet. This isn't my first rodeo, but it is my first rodeo with children. That overwhelms me a bit, but we are so excited. I can't wait to show you all our new home. That might take a bit of time.
  • I want 2012 to be a year where I finish some of my UFOs (Un-Finished Objects) and so, I've begun. I started this little alphabet last year and finally finished it. I chose not to add magnets. I am thinking I might make it into a banner and hang it in Abby's new room, but first I will wash and dry it to promote the edge fraying. I think they're cute, but not super useful, considering there's only one of each of them. Tutorial here.

  • I have an upcoming event that I'm planning and whipped up these little cards today. Found on Pinterest from Martha Stewart and adapted for my event. I will share about said event after it takes place. I am really looking forward to it.

  • My littles have been sick - it seems like for forever! First colds, then baby teething then the dreaded puking sickness. I can handle dirty diapers of craziness, but puke... ugh! My David, heroically, did a lot of rinsing of bedding and clothes this week. I think they're on the mend, though appetites are still quite small and crankiness is still quite large. Admittedly, I've added to the cranky factor myself. I am going out tonight! It's been tooooo long.
  • There are so many babies being born into our church. There is someone due every month from January to August. At what point do I say, I can't keep up with all the handmade goods that I love to give? It feels so cruel to just stop now. One month at a time, I guess. I'm already 3 babies behind as it is. Ugh! Sorry, friends.
  • Crazy blizzard the other day. Our littles loved to watch it, as did my David and I. Pictures don't capture it, but I did try.

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Donna said...

Great check in Missy! Keep me posted as to who all those babies are, so we can get those Mommas some food! I can't remember who they all are.