Sunday, December 11, 2011

Play Kitchen Update

It's finished (well, it's so close and the rest will be waiting until after we come home from our trip). This was a great project and my David did an amazing job.

Here's the before picture again:

And in process:

The big reveal:
As always, click to enlarge

Here's what we have left to do: Insert picture in "window" and hang a curtain, draw stove element rings (I'll use a metalic marker), attach oven light, hang up the chalkboard and accessorize. The kitchen is currently at our friend's house and we hope to arrange to have it delivered to our apartment while we are away so that it will be here when we get home. I am so impressed with David's work, it's such a great looking kitchen and I know that our children are going to love it for years to come!

I likely won't be blogging for the rest of the month, but will hopefully have much goodness to share after Christmas. From our family to yours, may you discover the wonder of Christmas anew this year!


Donna said...

Truly a piece they will never forget either. I still remember going to Dad's Aunt 's place. Their basement had the coolest kitchen stuff. With REAL containers of old school baking soda and other cans like that. The small pots and pans, you knew they had collected them up for their children & grandchildren for years. It was always my favourite place to play. Merry Christmas to you all & safe journey!

Jen said...

Eeek! I LOVE IT! You guys rock & I am completely inspired!

Patty-Jean Here said...

Amazing Coralee! Shall I "pin" it for you!!!!! Did a lovely job. And when it is being played with you will have to post more photos!!!