Sunday, June 5, 2011


I often hear myself tell people that I "saw it on a blog that I read". You have no idea how inspiring it is to follow other people's blogs. There are soooo many great ideas that my bookmarks are constantly full of tutorials, ideas or just plain pretty things. I thought I'd share some inspiration with you today. Mostly because I don't have the physical energy to do anything creative right now, so I'll show you someone else's creativity.
(source - what inspired me to try my hand at my own)

  • Design Mom, has great posts that she titles "A Few Things". These posts are links to some great things she's found throughout the week.
  • It's no secret how much I love red doors!
  • Browsing here has almost become an obsession with me... we're definately making one for our children for Christmas this year!
  • One of MANY children's sewing projects that I've been itching to do and have actually even started (stay tuned for the finished product).
  • I did make some of these and haven't taken the time to take pictures to show you yet. I used them at my birthday party and still use one for jewelry.
  • I might have to get over my fear of sewing clothing to make one of these in black jersey. Check out how many ways you can wear one!
  • I'm pretty sure that I'll make one of these for Malachi's first birthday party - one decoration with a huge effect.
  • I don't even like cake, but am itching to make one of these!
  • Drooling over these amazing custom bunks. Makes me want to have a bunch of children to justify have one or two rooms setup like this.
  • Why doesn't my small space ever look this cute and functional?
  • Would love to go on a getaway with my David and stay here - so cool!
Hope you enjoyed dreaming with me. *sigh*

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