Saturday, August 7, 2010

It Feels Sew Good...

... to be sewing again! My lack of energy during pregnancy has limited my time and the need for a nap has also limited time alone. With David being home, he's freed me up to have some creative time and I'm very thankful. So, without further ado... here's a seriously belated (as in 4 months belated) birthday present finally finished.

This is another Thelma's Day Out purse. Designed by Janelle Wind.
I included an inside zipper pocket and the buckle I found at a thrift store on a belt.
My photography doesn't really do the colors justice, but you get the general idea anyway.

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Donna Dawe said...

Good job Coralee! No doubt that God has blessed you with the mad skills for crafting and sewing. I would like to go hunting for fabric on Friday. I have a certain pattern I am looking for now that Walmart is out of the fabric biz. Deryk should be available to watch the boys so I can be hands free; wanna come?