Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Crayon Wallet for on the Go!

This is inspired by JCasa's pattern, but since her Etsy shop was closed I couldn't purchase her pattern on time for a birthday present. I'm pretty sure this one is a bit bigger due to the use of jumbo sized crayons, but it is pretty close to the same. I hope I haven't broken any blogging rules by doing this. If you want to make one... get her pattern from here... her shop is open again.

EDITED TO ADD: Evelyn has been making her own version of these for years and you can see more of her creativity here.


Evelyn in Canada said...

I've been making versions of those for years. They make the most awesome gifts for little kids having to entertain themselves in vehicles or church. Good job!

patty-jean said...

so cute Coralee! Look forward to connecting with you soon!!!