Friday, July 24, 2009

Inspiration in the Mail

I got my parcel from Pink Chalk Fabrics today. Kathy, your service and packaging is amazing. You are so generous and thoughtful and I will definitely be making a purchase from you in the future! 3 of these fabrics you may recognize as the choices I made for the contest that I won. The black and white fabric is to accent a bag I'm working on and the Note Taker pattern has been on my pattern wish list for a long time. I can't wait to make one! Now I just have to pre-wash the fabric and I can get to my sewing projects! Go visit Kathy's store and fall in love with it like I have! UPDATED TO ADD: I have never had such straight cut fabric. Kathy, you're cuts are almost perfect!


Lynne said...

I didn't know you were a fellow blogger. I had fun poking around your site. You are very creative. I can see your joy in everything you do. TC

Yvon said...

The Note Taker is very similar to what Ev has made for the girls and for presents for other kids as well.

She never makes them exactly the same. There is always a slight variation.

Coralee said...

Lynne, Thanks!
Yvon, I would love to see Evelyn's version!

Evelyn in Canada said...

Coralee, I just sent you some pictures. Mine are more tailored to entertaining kids in church and on car trips. An adult perhaps doesn't need so many pencil crayons and markers! Have fun making yours. The fabrics look great.