Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fabric Love!

This is Mocha Chocolate by Alexander Henry. I have loved this fabric ever since I saw a picture of it for the first time online. Of course, no one here actually sells it and you have to order it online, so I never did get my mocha chocolate. I think it might even be discontinued now. (pout)

These are some current Alexander Henry prints that I am loving. Most online shops carry some or all of them at $9 USD per yard. Oh, how I would love some of this fabric beauty!


Tami Jo said...

did you try mitchels, seems to me I have seen Alexander Henry there. Call and ask them.
(tamijo, friend of PJ, and fellow fabric addict)

Coralee said...

eeek, I'll have to call them and check it out...thanks Tami Jo