Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Come for Tea!

Here is my tea cart. It was a gift from my dad in 1994 and today it is overflowing with tea. I had my dear friend, Patty~Jean, over for tea and she said "you need to blog this", so here it is. For the sake of authenticity, I did not dust it before I took the pictures. When Abby is up and roaming, I might need to get a closed in tea hutch, but for now, I'm still loving my tea cart.

The top is now double stacked with tea, I don't think I have even tried them all.

Here's my tea pots, the cozies are a project I've blogged (on my old blog) before.

This condiment set, David bought for me for Christmas. It holds sugar, honey, sprinkles (currently chocolate) and cream. My dad rigged the handles for me - who designs a holder like this without?

So, won't you come for tea?


patty-jean said...

Absolutely Lovely! Absolutely Inspiring!

LLG said...

I love the tea cart, its too bad I could not come for tea