Thursday, January 7, 2016

15 Favourites from 2015

I watched the cutest video blog this morning and was inspired to share my 15 favourite things from 2015. I'll spare you a video though as I have a cold and sound frog-ish and my computer microphone isn't working. Maybe someday. Let's get started (in no particular order):

  1. My journaling Bible! I am so glad I stumbled across this two years ago. Abigail is getting her first journaling Bible for her birthday this month and I'm excited for her. It was on her Christmas list, but I was waiting for the NIV release (that's the version she does all her memory work from in school).
    one of my favourite pages
  2. My Documented Faith journal. This is the most consistant I've EVER been in keeping a journal of any sorts and I think it's because of the art and faith components. I smile looking through it and my littles ask me regularly if they can look through it, too. 
  3. Instagram. I signed up for IG several years back when we bought an iPad, but never really explored it until we got smart phones. I love the community, the inspiration... all of it! Username: mrsgingras
  4. Microfibre dishcloths. I am not typically the kind of person that recommends recipes and cleaning products etc., but I really like the microfibre dishcloths with the mesh back. I bought mine at Sobeys and it's their house brand, but they're available pretty much anywhere now. I have all dark grey ones and that's great because they don't stain as easily.
  5. Young Living essential oils. Everyone gets sick - that's life. Our quality of living while being sick greatly improved with the help of EOs. I would also say that we've chased away many colds that didn't have the chance to take hold thanks to EO use. My mom and my sister gave us the premium starter kit for Christmas in 2014 and even blended some little friendly oils. Those ones, the blends, are my all time favourites and I use them all the time.
  6. I'm exploring art more and more and my favourite go-to supplies are: Staedtler Pigment Liner pen 0.1 in black, pencil and eraser, Martha Stewart multi-surface craft paint, watercolour pencils and my Heidi Swapp date stamp.
  7. Mysterious Benedict Society books by Trenton Lee Stewart. David read to me the whole series this year and it was a great diversion from the everyday. It's a very imaginative series written for middle aged children, but they're so fun that we enjoyed them immensely. 
  8. Rocky Mountain Soap. Not limited to 2015, they have been my only soap supplier for years. Completely chemical free and I can use them without flaring up any eczema spots. Just tried Vanilla Mint and hmmmm, it's so refreshing.
  9. Pajama Van. This continues to be my favourite family outing. (Almost) weekly, after supper, we bathe the littles and put them into pjs and load everyone up into the van. We put on a movie using our portable DVD player, stop at Tim Hortons for tea and timbits and drive for as long as the movie is. David and I get to have a "date" in the front seat and we all love pj van! As a result of driving for a couple hours every week, our littles are seasoned and great travelers, which comes in handy when we drive to Alberta to see the family.
  10. My kitchen table! David, with some help from one of his students, built me a GREAT kitchen table. It's huge and solid and will be a central gathering place for our family for many many years to come. He got the plans here and adapted them to suit our family needs. He has plans to build me some mission style furniture for my living room next. I love getting to receive his handiwork.
  11. Sushi. Specifically the avocado and cucumber rice rolls (I don't know what they're really called other than "yummy") from Sobeys. Yes, grocery store sushi. I love it! David and I dip in caesar dressing.
  12. Rend Collective. My favourite music discovery of last year was definitely these guys. I love how fun and catchy and well written their songs are. 

  13. Serena Wilson Stubson. So, we met because our children are in the same school/class, but seriously, have you seen her art?! It's awesome. Serena gave my David one of her wood block mounted art pieces as a thank you Christmas gift (David is the parking lot patrol guy and the parents like him keeping everyone safe), anyway, I've stolen it. It's gorgeous.
  14. Favourite movies of the year go to Jurassic World and Star Wars. Both nostalgic and both really well done. Plus, David I got to see both together in the theatre (a rare occurrence).
  15. My favourite outing involves a body of water. I discovered just how much I LOVE to be by the water. We are fortunate to live in a city with rivers running through it and several lakes within driving distance. Beach combing for sea glass with the wind and the crisp air - LOVE!

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christa sterken said...

Oh my WORD, we WILL be great friends. A lot in common already! I just ordered some bottles to try and make some blends AND asked my husband if we could make a table this weekend! I am pinning plans like crazy. Your style is one of my fave so far. And I LOVE the pajama van idea. This is awesome