Friday, April 10, 2015

Checking In

I have a lot of random things to share, so I'll do it in pictures...

Creative Happenings...
1.Biggest commission project - a sound booth cover 2. a passport holder for a family of nine 3 & 4. Family t-shirts hand painted - freezer paper stencilling 5. family growth chart

Documented Faith weeks 9-14

We attended a family retreat at the end of March it was a great time!
1. Malachi and his friend at the pool 2. David holding Micah during family worship time 3. Hannah has so much fun 4 & 6. Malachi and Abby both riding for the first time 5. Silly group shot

Random family news...

1. We walked the river at the Forks for the first time this cool! 2. I love my new clock 3. chubbbers!!! 4. My daddy celebrated his 65th birthday! 5. an anonymous zipper challenge has me thrilled and excited (already a month behind ;) 6. pink hair! 7. Bunny's first haircut 8. Girl's date at Cinderella 9. New tradition: socks for Easter

Keeping it simple lately with ink in my Bible....

1. John 13:34 2. Colossians 3:13 3. Daniel 3:18 4. Psalm 121:1 5. 1 Peter 2:17 6. Romans 1:6-7
I have had a whole pile of custom sewing jobs and I've agreed to a craft sale fundraiser next month. My sewing machine and I are being friendly and I'm loving it. I love Instagram and in many cases feel like that's been a better space to stay in touch. Is this blog getting to be an outdated thing? I love this little space, but is it too redundant? What do you think?

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