Monday, January 19, 2015

Checking In (Plus week Three of Documented Faith)

January, a month of beginnings, of birthdays (our Abby and friends), of resettling into routines and stupid cold weather. Lots of time inside for more crafting, because I only go out when I need to in this weather. Well, maybe a bit more than only when I "have" to. Speaking of crafting, how about a little show 'n' tell?

  • I had the pleasure of mixing a CD for Abby's little friend's birthday present. Then Abby and I sewed a little bag to put it in (Abby did most of the actual sewing) and added a little monogram painting inside. It was a fun package to put together.

  • I got a great treat of a hair colour and cut on the weekend. I then discovered how awkward selfies truly are. It's really hard to take a good picture of dark purple hair. Sorry, Julie, I couldn't do it true justice. David bought me some dangly bling to match and I was trying to capture it all and in the end I spent way to much time taking pictures of myself. Rather embarrassing.

  • In the end my favourite picture was really useless because you can't see the purple hair or the great earrings. 

  • You might have seen on Instagram that I whipped up a little scrappy bunting. I love these and I ended up cutting way more than i needed for one, so...

  • ... one for a friend!

  • I did a few pages in my Bible, some from my Documented Faith project and some from my Moms' Group study. 

Finally, here's my week three of Documented Faith. So, I began the week by painting around the border, then I doodled in some appointments. I added the week's verse (Psalm 24:4-5). I did mini journaling on the days, including my delight at a date arranged by my David. I love it when he does that - totally spontaneously planned! The red background was really damage control when I attempted to watercolour the next week and it bled through. I have used acrylics without bleed and didn't think it through. I used pencil to get a more solid cover and called it "fixed" I have some more damaged control for the next week, too. I finished it off by added a few quotes/notes from the sermon on Sunday around on the border. I really would like a white pen to use on the dark paint, but it's still legible. 

What is this the selfie edition of the Angry Turtle?! I promise it won't happen like this again. *wink* 

It was a difficult week with my dolly, but I'm fighting for her heart. This is a reminder of what I'm fighting for

one of my haircut selfies  - it really was such a treat!

There were a lot of great things about this week, too.

And just because they're adorable, I'll leave you with a picture of my littles:

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Donna Dawe said...

As always, love all your creative-ness, especially that journalling. These days my journalling is quick snapshots posted online inspired by One Thousand Gifts.