Saturday, December 13, 2014

Checking In

Halfway through Bethlehem LIVE! 2014 and we are all still alive and well. We miss David who is busy serving, but he isn't in tonight's performance, so we will get to see him soon. They've had record breaking numbers on this the mildest BL weekend that I've experienced. In year's past it's always been the coldest days of December that we've tracked to BL. It's a nice change for the workers, but especially for the parking crews. I have a few random things to share, so I'll get right to it.

  • When I especially miss my David I steal borrow his shirts out of the closet. My littles give me a bit of trouble or they laugh about it depending on the day. I usually send David a picture in way of confession with some cheeky caption like "Shh! Don't tell, I borrowed something". Silly, but it makes me feel better.

  • I have recently come to the conclusion that I think I am an artist. Let me explain. I never doubted that I was creative - my mom was great at making sure that I knew that (her mom always said that she wasn't and my mom really is, but didn't know until she was an adult). I learned many kinds of crafts as I wanted to try new things, but I wasn't what I thought you could call an artist. I took art when it wasn't an option (it's a core subject in elementary) in school, but didn't pursue it after that. I wasn't into painting, drawing, sketching etc. all of which I considered to be artists' domain. Something's happened. I don't when it started or when I realized, exactly, I was doing it, but I started doodling and dabbling in watercolours then acrylics and WHAM! It hits me! I think I'm an artist. What?! Well, maybe. Still pondering.
my living room floor on any given evening

  1. a person who produces paintings or drawings as a profession or hobby.

  • I whipped up a couple of notebooks for a Christmas gift exchange. I tried my hand at fabric "doodling" and I had so much fun making these happy little houses. Love how they turned out.

  • I found this ribbon at the dollar store... how cute is that?!

  • My David has given me my Christmas presents early. He knew that I could be using them already and boy oh boy, have I ever!!! Spoiled rotten!
Art 101 Art set ~ two layers of art delights! (acrylics, watercolours - pallets, pencils and tubes, oil pastels & oil tubes )

I forgot to flip the picture, but this is a cool easel I'll take better pics to show you, soon!

  • I've been prepping my Documented Faith planner. I will probably do a post about that later, but for now. Washi tape wonder!

  • This girl! After my own heart. Abby can't contain the art inside of her. It's so difficult for her to wait until quiet time to create. (Micah gets into everything and I usually ask her to wait till he's napping - we need to assess a better way, maybe, but that's how it is right now). I've had her start an art journal where she can keep some of her pieces (Abby makes 5-10/day, so we just keep her "best" or pieces done with her latest techniques). 

  • In case I don't get the chance later, Merry Christmas to you and yours. Hold them close and tell them how much they mean to you, you never know how long you have! 
May the Lord bless you and keep you. May He make his face to shine upon you and give you peace.

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