Monday, November 10, 2014

Owl Carry It

Recently I was faced with the dilemma of transporting my journaling Bible while keeping the pages from getting crunched inside a backpack. I ended up using paper for a makeshift cover with an elastic. It did the job, but it got me thinking about a carry case. I wanted to make something that I could carry my Bible in but not necessarily keep in all the time like a slip cover. I researched on Pinterest and decided that I'd prefer a messenger style bag. I thought the flap cover would work well to protect the tabs on the page tops, but I didn't want a plain one. I toyed with the idea of different shapes and then I found a cute owl purse and a few Pinterest pictures to inspire me and I went for it.

I used this tutorial to calculate the fabric I would need for boxed corners. It worked great. I kind of made up the rest as I went, re~creating features from the pictures I found on Pinterest. It's really fun creating free~style. I'm especially happy with the fact that it came out like I pictured it.

The Bible fits perfectly and my journal fits, too. I didn't plan for that, but it's a happy surprise. 

I put a zipper pocket on the back to hold pens etc. and tail feathers...I had to do it.

I had this strap that I salvaged from a thrift store wallet. It is the perfect length!

Now my Bible is snug as a bug, protected enough that I can "toss" it into the diaper  bag and go. It's a bit juvenile, Abby has already asked me to make her one and Malachi had to bring me his Winston to match, but I'm okay with that. I'll grow up... someday.

P.S. I have owls on the brain and I think I have another little project that I may have to try.


Melanie Boddy said...

I love him - God has given you are very creative great talent.

Country Mouse said...

This is just beautiful!!! I am obsessed with owls! And yes, you are blessed with talent!
Thanks for sharing~!

Donna Dawe said...

Wise old owl. You've been seeking wisdom so it's only fitting.