Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Snail Mail ~ Creative Pen Pal Swap *CLOSED*

Here's a random fact for you, I used to be a pen pal. I had three friends that I faithfully wrote to for years. I got married and had children and the art of snail mail had fallen to the wayside. Sad. I LOVE mail. Have you seen that movie Paul Blart Mall Cop? There's this scene that I like:
  • "Give me your cell phone". -"I don't have one"
  •  "What are you talking about? Every kid has a cell phone."
  • I prefer handwritten sentiments."
although somewhat unrealistic these days, it's a nice thought. There is nothing quite like getting actual mail delivered to your mailbox.

So, what I propose is this: join me in a Creative Pen Pal Swap. Think mail art! If you scrapbook, dress it up with stickers and embellishments. If you draw, go nuts! Be as creative as you want. Here's how it'll go down. Email me at mrsgingras (at) gmail (dot) com with

  1. Your name and full postal address (I'll only share this with your partner)
  2. Your preference for domestic or foreign match ups (I can't promise, but I'll try)

When you receive an email back from me you will then send your pen pal a letter which should include
  1. A bit about yourself and/or your family
  2. what hobbies you enjoy
  3. a small gift* (nothing elaborate and handmade is great though not required)
  4. and perhaps a picture of yourself
* Here's the challenge and a little rule: In order to keep the costs to a minimum, please keep your letters to the size established by your postal delivery company as Lettermail and not parcel mail.

In Canada those requirements can be found here. When you go to the post office they have an acrylic board that they slide your letter through to make sure it's not too thick. If you are a Venture One member (small business owner) then you can purchase one, but I looked up a picture of one online and with a ruler and some markers, made my own. I printed off the current postal rates and attached it onto the board, I like a quick reference guide. I don't have a weigh scale yet, but it's on my wish list. You could use a digital kitchen scale if you have one (I don't). 

If you need some creative ideas for making your letters creative or for small mail-able gifts, check out my Pinterest board for inspiration.

One more thing, please commit to writing your pen pal at least once a month for six months. At the end of the six months you can decide together if you'd like to continue or not. Let's have some fun!

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