Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Checking In

Well, we're in the thick of flu season, but I figured I could sit at the computer while holding a little and give a small update. I don't have a lot of pictures to go with my update, so I'll entertain you with pictures of my littles.
  • Aside from the flu, it's been a bit of a crazy month. David went back to work after being on parental leave. Being our fourth, I've lowered my expectations a whole lot as to what I can accomplish the first two weeks, so we went into survival mode and we made it through.

It looks like Micah is about to give Hannah a "wet willy"

  •  Is there anyone out there not tired of winter yet? We have had spring fever for a month (at least).

Abby's getting into posing for pictures and Malachi is in his "uniform" super hero costume
    The Gingras littles' album cover
  • Hannah is three months old today! Wow! 

  •  April is looking to be a fun month filled with celebrations. I won't be hosting a party this spring like I usually do (there are plenty of fun events to go to), but David and I are celebrating our 10th anniversary this August and there are rumours of a party. This pretty much means that I have something to obsess over plan for months to come. I LOVE IT!

Poor Hannah... what happens when she doesn't see

or maybe she does know

  •  I am looking for a dress. I found a cute pattern, but I don't sew clothing. My David says it's time to get my feet wet in that department, but it's intimidating to me. I need a seasoned seamstress to coach me through the fitting process. I did find a blog sew-a-long for that specific pattern, so I might struggle through, but if you're reading this (in Winnipeg) and want to help, please let me know!

  • In actual news, the girls got their ears pierced a few weeks ago. It was a special sister date and they both did great.

Cold Saturday morning dance party (in their dancing clothes)

  •  David did some ingenious arranging in the living room. We needed to reclaim our third bedroom as a bedroom again, so the office and craft room needed to be evicted. I want to show you, but need to take some good pictures and that requires time to clean up better. It's been a disaster area around here, but I am slowly attempting to catch up. Hopefully soon. 

Happy (belated) St. Patrick's Day
Well, that's all for now. It wasn't all that exciting, but it's where we are right now. Hope you and yours aren't buried in a flu cycle and your snow (if you have any) melts!

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Jenni Kroeker said...

LOVE the pictures!! Can't wait to see your place all re-arranged!
Lately I've been wanting to sew myself a dress too... I know how I want it to look, but I don't have a pattern or fabric yet and I'm totally NOT a seamstress... all that to say, I know how you're feeling about that! Love ya! xo