Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fundraising part two

I have only one more notebook cover to make to meet my goal for the Ladies Retreat Fundraiser. I am hoping to sell 7, so I wanted 10 to put out. I have already sold one, so that was encouraging. I am really happy with the individual details of each notebook cover. They are all unique and most of them cannot even be copied, as I used up the last of several of these supplies. I am the only fundraiser who isn't baking, so I'm a little nervous that these will "hold their own". I want to be a good team player. This week is the sale at our church, so we'll see soon enough. I'll have at least 2 more to make before Ladies Retreat (gifts for our speaker and worship leader) and I would like one for myself, but I would also like to sew my customary going-away-I-"need"-a-new-bag bag. Silly, I know, but hey if you can sew, why not? Anyway, here are the latest notebook covers.

 the display

 a variation on the corduroy and doily one - this one was easier to sew through all the layers!

 A little pink satin and lace to dress it up.

 Some more ruffles and lace - the photography really misses out on the details of this one.
(try to click on it to enlarge)

 This one buttons in the back so it doesn't distract from the flower.
This one is quite plushy and thick.

Phew! That's a lot of sewing in a short time. Thankfully our faithful and loving friend "Auntie" Trudy took the children for me for three and a half hours last Saturday and I got three finished in that time. That is an improvement on time, considering with interruptions from the children, I've been know to spend almost three hours on one notebook cover. I am looking forward to sewing some non-mandentory things soon.


Donna Dawe said...

I am looking for something like this for our Kobo. Do you have something that would fit one of those? I saw a neat cover on Pinterest the other day. It was grey with a panel along the right side that had small squares of different coloured fabric. It's in my likes I think. We could do a trade of some sort. You like to sew, I like to cook/bake. Name your price!

Patty-Jean from LittleQuiver said...

I love it - I love the bartering!

As always Coralee, beautiful work!

Evelyn in Canada said...

Those are beautiful. I love the greys. They remind me of flannel or men's wool suits. Good luck with the sale!