Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Beginning Two

One of my birthday presents, from my David, was the first two rings in my stacking family ring set. I have been so excited about these rings ever since I first saw them at Olive Bungalow. I wanted a family ring that I could have now, but isn't limited to the size of family that we currently have. If we have more children, I don't want to have to replace my whole ring. These custom stacking rings are the perfect solution!

The first two rings represent myself (the one with the birthstone) and Jesus (He is the vine). I will be adding another single gemstone ring to represent David and finally a double gemstone ring to represent Abigail and Malachi. That's four rings for now. They're nice and compact, so I'm not concerned about adding additional ones later.

 The packaging was so cute that I had to share that, too!

Michele has been quite busy with orders, but my rings were finished and shipped quite quickly. I won't say much for the US Postal Service, but they're finally here and I love them!

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David the Husbandist said...

I love that you hold to the symbolism we had during our wedding, when we read from Ecclesiasties together. We are still held together by Jesus, and will always be by His grace. You are my love of my life, and I am so glad you are the one God brought to me to have in marriage. Love you hon, and Bless you today!