Friday, May 8, 2009

bloggy update

Ok, so it's been a month of being offline and I've missed my little blog. Here's a quick update of some crafty things and I will post more details in time.

Still loving baby wearing and so is Abigail!

Made a Love Winnipeg shirt for Abigail so she can love on our city, too.

Made David a shirt with Abigail's picture on it (details soon).

Made a flower for my buttercup bag.

Going greener... Sewed a washable bag liner for my diaper genie. (Remember, I'm using cloth diapers)

Loving on this little beauty - she's getting dedicated on Sunday! It will be my first Mother's Day.


patty-jean said...

Happy (day late) Mother's Day!!! I'm so sad we missed Abi's dedication...If i'd known i'd probably dicided against our plans yesturday!!! How was your first Mother's day? Glad to see my crafty friend back in blogs land - with a Lovely New blog skin too! Oh Abigail you are sooo cute!
no baby yet here.

patty-jean said...

That washable bag liner is genius!!!