Friday, January 9, 2009

Every Good and Perfect Gift

Our bags are packed and ready and it's now a waiting game. Monday night we experienced toning contractions on and off all night. They even got to be regular at 5 minute intervals. Baby had us guessing "is this the time?". At 3 am the contractions stopped completely and we got some sleep. We had a midwife appointment the next day and thought we'd get an idea of how long we might have to wait. When we got to our clinic we found out that our midwife was at a birth - the third one in four days - and if we went into labour even within a couple of days, we would have to have another midwife attend the birth. Well, anyone who has heard me talk about the awesomeness of my midwife will guess that I was so glad that those contractions stopped in the middle of the night and I am quite content to wait for Giselle to be able to attend the birth of our little one. Well, now it's Friday and I would be quite happy to go into labour any day now (but God knows, I will wait for the right time when He decides to bring our baby into the world).

On Wednesday, I needed some creative time. I still have a stack of diapers to sew, but have discovered that I am definitely a creative sew-er and do not get my creative outlet while sewing things of necessity. I didn't even consider sewing (I've kind of dis-allowed myself to sew anything besides diapers until they are done) and decided on a paper craft. When our computer crashed in November, we thought we lost all of our addresses, and I no longer had an up to date hard copy of them. That was a bit of a stress for me, I've been planing on sending out baby announcements and thought I'd have to build my address list from scratch...grrr! Well, thankfully, we had a back-up of the address book and were able to recover the lost files. Not wanting to risk losing them again, I decided it was time for a hard copy address book. I am incredibly picky, though when it comes to picking things like that out. Most of the time, my favorite ones in the store are way too much money and being the frugal lady that I am, can't justify the price for the beauty. Hence the following home made index type address book. This is my phone table with David's Valentine bear, my new address file, my much loved cordless phone (a Christmas present this year) and the head set that has made my phone conversations that much more pleasant. I love being hands free. My mom sent me this head set in the baby parcel and I use it all the time. It will come in handy when my hands are full with baby. I highly recommend it!

a close-up view (supplies: cute box (which I had in my stash), various colored papers and cardstock (cut and shuffled to mix), fun little cards with pictures and sayings (for my index dividers) and alphabet stickers) I had all these supplies at home and so it didn't cost me anything but time. Bonus - a great creative outlet!

I love this little card - my "a" index. I chose this one to put first because it's cute and makes me smile.


patty-jean said...

Oh Coralee, you have amazing creative talents - Especially in the sewing area WOW - did you make that bear, it's adorable, and Olivia's monkey - amazing!

Coralee said...

Thanks, Patty~Jean! Yes, I made the bear - David's valentine last year, it's amazing what you can do with a good pattern and some imagination.

Coralee said...
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Evelyn in Canada said...

I agree - necessity sewing doesn't feel very creative. I admire your ability to do paper crafts. That is not an area I am very good at and have no patience with. This is a cute address book. Very personal too.