Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My First Finished Diaper!

Finally, a finished diaper! Oh, it's so cute. Of course they'll get better as I make more. I need to tweak a few spots when I sew the next one, but now I can cut a bunch and get at it.

I sewed the extra optional velcro so that the tabs overlap for extra adjustability. Here is shown with one side open. There are hook and loop velcro on both sides for fold over laundering. This is so the diapers don't stick to each other during the wash etc. The pattern is easy to work with, so "thanks, again, Mom and Dad".

And open. You can see that my waist elastic is a bit wonky, next one, I'll sew it a little lower to give more topstitching room.

1 comment:

patty-jean said...

I love it! It is adorable! Much cuter than many of mine!